Working Dog Mentors

ASDCA approved Working Dog Mentors

This list is in the beginning stages. If you do not see your state listed, call or email any of the mentors below. If you are interested in becoming a Working Dog Mentor you can apply.

ASDCA’s Working Dog Mentor Program Criteria  

The ASDCA has developed a list of club-approved working dog mentors that have applied to assist in sharing knowledge and providing advice regarding the working aspect of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

These applicants wish to share their experience with those who seek information on the raising of a working livestock guardian dog. This program should be used as a guide in which experienced owners with true working dogs share their knowledge of the Anatolian in a working environment.

Time and multiple generations of dogs create this mentor expertise. Farm size, livestock (type and herd size), predator load, number of dogs working (together or in separate pastures), and environment are all points considered for this criterion.

Following are the criteria for an ASDCA member to be a Working Dog Mentor:

1. Be a regular member in good standing with the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc. for at least 3 consecutive years.

2. Have a minimum of 10+ years’ experience having a working farm, with livestock and dogs protecting that stock.

3. Have at least 5 acres, on which there is a working farm with livestock which the dog(s) guard, to demonstrate a true working farm.

4. Have had an introduction of a new working Anatolian in with an existing working dog, and in with new stock.

5. Have had at least one 10+ year old working dog, working with livestock for the dog’s whole life since a puppy, as it demonstrates proper care required to maintain the dog’s health and longevity.

6. Submit the Application for ASDCA Working Dog Mentor.

7.Give unbiased advice about own kennel and about another kennels/breeders.

8. Give advice consistent with the general health, well-being, and welfare of the Anatolian and the herds they protect.

9. Attend one, on-line/ or by phone,  ASDCA working dog mentor meeting per year to share ideas and discuss best practices.

10. Note: Extenuating circumstances may be approved by the working dog committee and the ASDCA Board for exceptions to the above mentor criteria.


Diana Martinez
Sonoma, CA
(707) 996-4224

Lynn Kenny
Cottonwood, CA
(530) 347-9088

Linda Curran
High Springs, FL
(352) 665-2256

Natalie Thurman
Frenchtown, MT
(406) 530-9022


Chyril Walker
Newberg, OR
(503) 504-4189

Leslie Ayers
Rocksbridge County, VA
(540) 463-9435