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The Anatolian Shepherd Club of America, Inc. [hereinafter referred to as “ASDCA”] maintains a breeder’s referral list of ASDCA members who have signed the ASDCA’s Codes of Ethics and Conduct and have applied to be listed on this site. The breeders’ referral list is published solely as a reference. Under no circumstances does the ASDCA guarantee the services or dogs obtained from any of the breeders listed. Nor does the ASDCA assume any responsibility or liability regarding any agreements you may enter into with any of the breeders listed. The ASDCA does not recommend or endorse any one breeder, nor does it recommend, guarantee or rate breeders, or their stock. Buyers should check all matters relating to AKC and or ASDCA registration, health and quality before making any decision to purchase a dog. The ASDCA does not and cannot guarantee or accept any responsibility or liability of any kind for the quality, health or temperament of any dog purchased from Breeders on this list; nor for the warranty, guarantee, integrity, honesty, reliability, expressed or implied, by any ASDCA member included on this list. All such warranties, contracts, guarantees, promises, or any other aspect of animals a buyer may purchase from persons on this listing is between the seller and buyer, as individuals.

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