1. Do I need a three generation pedigree for registration?


Excerpt from “ASDCA Registration Process”:

2. Two or more parents only have a two generation pedigree, but when the puppies are born, they will have a three generation pedigree, can I register the puppies?

No. Registration is based on the parents pedigrees. Sire (or sire’s semen) and dam must have three generation pedigrees in order for the puppies to be registered.

Please see the following excerpts from our registration documents:

Excerpt from “Litter Registration Form”:

Excerpt from “ASDCA Registration Process”:

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  2. still requires following our Registration Process
  3. still requires following our Registration Process
3. I want to breed from imported semen, is a three generation pedigree required for that?

Yes, a 3-generation pedigree is required if you are planning on registering any puppies from the litter. Registration is based on the parents pedigrees, and parents are required to be either ASDCA or AKC registered (this requires a three generation pedigree).

Please see screenshots above, or read “ASDCA Registration Process” to learn more about our process.

4. I have DNA from a dog I want to register, he/she is no longer alive, but there is a verifiable three generation pedigree, is this something you will accept and register?

No. Whether we are registering imported or domestic dogs, the requirement is nearly the same, Photo Documentation is required for both, and a Video or Physical Inspection is required for an import, and *may* be required for a domestic dog (see #6 for Imported Anatolian Shepherd Dogs and #2 for United States Born Anatolian Shepherd Dogs)

Excerpt from “ASDCA Registration Process”:

5. My dog is a registered Turkish Shepherd Dog of another kind that DNA'd as an Anatolian. He/She has a three generation pedigree, can I register my dog with ASDCA?

No. We only register dogs from a reciprocal registry.

Excerpt from “ASDCA Registration Process”:

6. I am reading your FAQs and I'm confused now. I thought you could register a Kangal as an Anatolian Shepherd Dog?

We won’t discuss the differences (or whether the Kangal and Anatolian are the same) but yes, if you have a Kangal that is registered with UKC or with the Kangal Club of America, and you wish to give up that registration, and register instead with the ASDCA, that is possible. That form, along with all of our forms, are available under “The Breed” heading on our menu on the “forms” page.

7. What about Akbash? Do you register those? I see a number of white Anatolians, are they Akbash, or Anatolians?

Anatolians do come in white, it is one of the colors they come in. Akbash are only white. There is a history of accepting Akbash into the registry, but this changed, and they are no longer a breed that will give up its own Kennel Club registration and re-register as an Anatolian.